NGOs and Charities

Turnkey innovation for equal access and quality to healthcare.


We at HCare, establish a fruitful and lasting collaboration between the public and private sectors, non-governmental and charitable organizations. These complementary alliances are at the heart of our development strategy, allowing fluid exchange of expertise and knowledge, with the aim of having a significant and lasting impact.


The HCare Advantage

Today, telemedicine is widespread but misused. The response to health challenges by players in the field remains ineffective and difficult to scale up. This is where HCare comes in. Our strategy involves a precise understanding of each stakeholder's reality of and the definition of concrete actions to meet current challenges.


A Community-Centered Approach

Due to lack of resources, methods or other critical factors emanating from the project’s implementation, many initiatives are abandoned or left behind. Contrary to this trend, we are adopting a collaborative approach in order to structure our initiatives and meet two requirements: to build and enhance a territory’s expertise through integrated projects, and to co-construct trajectories for adequate, successful and innovative care.


A Common Vision and Relationship Between the Private Sector and NGO’s

Placing ourself as a company with a social mission, we develop innovations both to build a collaborative social and solidarity project but also to increase the concept of meaning at work for each employee.


Support in Obtaining Financing for the Implementation of the Project

We adopt a creative thinking in our methods to find best financing models. We can help unlock new resources by getting involved in different stages: needs and context analysis, comparison and assessment of funding sources, joint response to calls for projects.


Operational Success Meets Exploration of Future Projects

Pursuing a quality objective in terms of operational exploitation (execution of cost/quality/deadline objectives and risk management in short and medium terms) and at the same time deploying new offers (contributing to the innovation of future solutions) can be difficult. At HCare, we take an “ambidextrous” approach that effectively understands operation and exploration activities towards sustainability. We try at best to adapt organizations to their functions by specializing each universes.


Projects’ Co-development Piloting Facilitation

We have skills in both production and mobilization. We place ourselves as manager of collaborative innovation networks, able to integrate and make the project team and all the external stakeholders contributing to the digitization of systems work together – healthcare professionals, communities, administrative structures, governments and international organizations.


What does it mean for you?

    Access to new differentiating and necessary technologies for your care providers
    Reduced time to market
    Challenge your design choices
    Improve your impact and contribution to the community
    Shine through innovative and impactful projects aligned with your mission and values
    Obtain professional and quality support
    Access to different performance indicators
    New physical technological tools
    Quarterly or monthly efficiency reports
    New proven transmission systems
    Integration and autonomy of the whole process
    Personalized training programs and materials


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Collaboration is a key factor to maximize our impact as an organization. By joining our resources and expertise, we promote the success of each initiative but also strengthen the global community. Let's discuss our potential support avenues!